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Height at sale 50-60cm
Pot 2l
  • Kamchatka blueberry INDIGO GEM comes from Canada, we know it here as Earthberry INDIGO GEM.
  • The bush is medium thick, semi-erect. It reaches a height of about 1,7m. The skeletal branches are arched.
  • Fruits are large1,2g-2,3g , oval-oblong up to 4cm . The taste is sweet, without bitterness, with a good aroma. Under ideal conditions, the yield per bush can be up to 6kg. INDIGO GEM is blue-purple in colour. It ripens in the second half of May. It is considered a productive variety.
  • Let us not forget that groundnuts fruit very poorly without cross-pollination, a pollinator with the same flowering period is always suitable. Although the variety is partially self-pollinating , without pollination by another variety the crop is poor and the berries are very small. The best pollinators for INDIGO GEM. are Tundra, Boreal Beast , Borealis. One INDIGO GEM plant can provide pollen for up to 8 plants, it is used as a pollinator.
  • Planting of plants when hand harvesting should be 1,5m . To make pollination even more efficient.
  • Cutting Zemolez is sufficient after 4 years after planting. The first pruning in the fifth year is done by removing the old shoots. This gives the plant more light, which is ideal for fruit formation and ripening. Pruning can be done after harvest or before flowering.
  • It does not require acidic soil and thrives in any nutrient-rich garden loam. 
  • This variety is fully hardy and the flowers tolerate frosts down to -8 well.
  • It is not susceptible to pests , or diseases.